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When you decide to buy or sell a home, you have a few options. You can go at it alone. You can hire a discount brokerage, or you can hire a Realtor.

If you choose to hire a Realtor® its more than just hiring a person. This real estate agent may end up working with you for over a year in some cases. So you want to hire someone who you get along with, and can relate to. If you buy a custom new home, you might look at 30 houses, then decide to build. The possession day could be over a year away. A lot can happen between now and then.

The Beech Woolger Team consists of two long standing Real Estate agents. Dave Woolger and Dustin Beech.

-Dustin Beech and Dave Woolger – The Beech Woolger Team-

In the boom and bust economy of Edmonton, Alberta, we believe there is no time for any B.S. or beating around the bush. To buy or sell a home, you need heavy in-depth market analysis, statistics, and current evaluations to know where things stand in the market. Building relationships is key. It is not about the paycheque. When the client and the agent trust each other, having an understanding of the clients needs and goals, it creates fantastic results. We believe in putting forward our honest opinion 24/7. Full disclosure. When a client wants to back out of an offer, the agent should make that happen with no legal ramifications. Thats what we do. When an agent tells a client that an offer is too high, or too low, the client can benefit from trusting that agent. If a buyer is in multiple offers, we want our client to win, but not if they are overpaying. Where are here to tell you where that line is, and you choose whether to cross or not. We are familiar with the happenings in the current market. We want lifelong relationships with our clients to build that trust.

To often we see deals go sour, as a result of clients and agents not being on the same page. When we list your home, we want buyers to feel comfortable that they are buying a home with honest truthful representation. We create that image for our sellers. A comfortable place for buyers to bring offers.

When we represent buyers, we educate and build a system with our clients. Making sure when its time, they know how to handle the tough, abrupt choices that come with buying Real Estate.

If you are looking for the best Real Estate Agent in Edmonton, there are many to choose from. And we are one of them. We hope we can be the choice for you.

-Dave Woolger and Dustin Beech

-The Beech Woolger Team-


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