Britannia Youngstown, Edmonton

Britannia Youngstown, in Edmonton Alberta Is a fantastic mature neighbourhood to raise a family. Situated in between the city centre and the Westend. Full of schools, shopping and all amenities.

The housing landscape surrounding the Britannia Youngstown neighbourhood offers a wide variety of options, ranging from attached multi-level townhouse to smaller-to-medium single-family homes that tend to be relatively affordable. Although you’ll find a few outliers, most homes for sale in Britannia Youngstown rarely exceed $400,000, while entry level homes and condos in the area often start under $100,000.

Britannia-Youngstown became part of Edmonton in 1964 when the Town of Jasper Place was annexed by growing Edmonton. The bulk of development in Britannia-Youngstown occurred throughout the 1950s and was almost exclusively in the form of single-detached housing. Westlawn Memorial Park (cemetery) was also established at this time. Britannia-Youngstown is bounded by 156th Street on the east, Mayfield Road to the west, Stony Plain Road to the south, and 107th Avenue to the north.

The neighbourhood has undergone considerable change in the form of commercial and residential development and intensification. Today it is composed of high-density development along its boundaries with lower density development in the interior. Commercial land uses are located along the length of Stony Plain Road, which runs along the southern border of the community. Mayfield Common Shopping Centre, a dominant feature of the area, is situated in the southwest corner of the neighbourhood.

Britannia and Youngstown were originally two different subdivisions within the Town of Jasper Place. As early as 1912, Britannia, which may have been named after the Latin term for “Britain,” appeared on city maps. The Britannia subdivision was developed in the early 1950s, and the Youngstown subdivision was developed in the late 1950s.

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