Cameron Heights, Edmonton

Cameron Heights is located between the Wedgewood Ravine to the north and west, the North Saskatchewan River Valley to the east, and Anthony Henday Drive to the south. The neighbourhood began to develop in the early 2000s, and as of 2008, it was still actively under development.

The plan for Cameron Heights incorporates low- and medium-density residential and commercial development, located strategically around natural features of the neighbourhood. A central park area has been designed to provide a focal point for the community and is also intended to house an elementary school and community facility. Pedestrian walkways are planned throughout the neighbourhood to provide links through the neighbourhood and into natural areas.

The proximity of three natural ravine systems (Wedgewood Ravine, Cameron Ravine, and Smith Road Ravine) and the North Saskatchewan River Valley are the most prominent features of the neighbourhood. The neighbourhood is designed primarily as a residential community, but one commercial site is planned for the main entrance to the community and is intended to serve the needs of local residents. To the northwest of Cameron Heights is the Wedgewood Heights neighbourhood, and to the southeast, located within the river valley, is the City’s E.L. Smith Water Treatment Plant.

Cameron Heights was named after John Cameron, a pioneer and businessman who lived at the north end of the road that now bears his name (Cameron Avenue). He arrived in Edmonton from Winnipeg in 1881, started a business as a merchant, and was the first president of the city’s Board of Trade. He also served as the Chairman of the Edmonton School Board and as one of the first members of Town Council in 1892 and 1895.

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