Clareview Town Centre, Edmonton

Clareview Town Centre, formerly comprising Clareview Business Park and Clareview Campus, is a mixed-use neighbourhood located in the Clareview area of northeast Edmonton. The neighbourhood is bounded on the south by 137 Avenue, on the west by Manning Drive, on the north by 144 Avenue, and on the east by 36 Street. It was originally two separate neighbourhoods Clareview Campus east of the Canadian National rail line and Clareview Business Park west of the rail line.

The neighbourhood features a mixture of residential, commercial, and institutional land uses located between major arterial roadways and along the city’s Light Rail Transit (LRT) line. Adjacent to the LRT Station is a transit centre with a commuter parking lot. The Clareview Park and Arena are located in the middle of the Town Centre, east of the railway line. A range of commercial and retail amenities, as well as low- to high-density residential developments, are located throughout the neighbourhood.

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