Get to know Caitlyn!

Our team is growing and we are excited to add Realtor® Caitlyn Goldstone to the Beech Woolger Team! Her bright smile, upbeat attitude and willingness to go the extra mile for her clients is why we love her and why we want to share a bit more about this amazing gal and all she has to offer our team!blank

1. Why Real Estate?

I really enjoy architecture; I bought a home from the 1900s just because I thought it was cool piece of yard art: my friends and family think I am crazy. When I go on holidays I come back with pictures of buildings and landscapes. I really just want to help people find a home that they want to live in!

2. What is your favourite part of the job so far?

Meeting new people is awesome! You learn something new from anyone you talk to.. from just random facts to something about their profession that you weren’t aware of before!

3. What do you like to do for fun?

I enjoy a good long walk, I enjoy planting and managing a garden ( mostly learning how not to kill plants ). I like to play cards for dishes duty… because that is not fun – Haha. I like to play with my furry companion tossing toys throughout the house. Online shopping and then getting really excited when boxes show up at my door!

4. What do you love the most about acreage life?

I enjoy the wildlife that I get to see, large birds and moose. I enjoy the privacy that goes along with it and really just the trees!

5. Why the Beech Woolger Team and not another one?

Well, these guys are super laid back and easy to get along with. They have really been great mentors.


6. Favourite food?

My two absolute favourite foods are tacos and ice-cream. I really think ice-cream should be its own food group and totally acceptable to eat for breakfast. I enjoy trying new foods, I will eat anything twice just to make sure I absolutely don’t like it.

7. Favorite music?

I listen to everything; I appreciate good music. My go to is listening to a Spotify playlist that I haven’t listened to before. I like a good beat that makes my head bop! Also must be loud.

8. Are you laid back or up tight?

It really depends on the situation! I would like to say not a lot bothers me. I’ll be uptight around spiders. But I’ll be easy going around people.

9. If you couldn’t be a Realtor® what would you be?

A world professional traveler, orrrr have a greenhouse.


To read more about Caitlyn click here and if you’d like to chat with Caitlyn about buying or selling your home, contact her at




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