Brander Gardens, Edmonton

Brander Gardens is a residential neighbourhood located in south west Edmonton, Alberta, Canada overlooking the North Saskatchewan River valley. In the river valley, immediately below the neighbourhood, is Fort Edmonton Park.

The neighbourhood is bounded on the east by Whitemud Drive and to the south by 51 Avenue. To the north and west the neighbourhood overlooks the river valley.

Brander Gardens has a variety of housing options. From small walkup apartments to large residential high end single family homes. It boasts easy access to central Edmonton, as well as access to shopping, recreation and family amenities.

According to the 2001 federal census, substantially all residential development in the neighbourhood occurred during the 1970s when three out of every four (74.4%) of all residences were built. Another one in eight (13%) were built during the 1960s while one in twelve (8.4%) were built during the 1980s.

The neighbourhood, according to the 2005 municipal census, contains a wide variety of housing types in large numbers. The most common type of residence, accounting for approximately one in three (36%) of all residences are a mixture of rented apartments and apartment style condominiums in low-rise buildings with fewer than five stories. Almost as numerous, accounting for three out of every ten (30%) af all residences, are single-family dwellings. Row houses account for another one in four (24%) residences while duplexes account for one in ten (10%) of all residences. Three out of every five (60%) residences are owner-occupied while two out of every five (40%) are rented.

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